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This website is an information page about a pilot project developed under the auspices of the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group (AGLDWG) which reports to the Department of Communications and the Department of Finance and is kindly hosted by the National Computing Infrastructure (NCI) on behalf of the data.gov.au initiative.

Nicholas Car (nicholas.car@csiro.au/07 3833 5600) & Simon Cox (simon.cox@csiro.au) within CSIRO's Land & Water Flagship should be contacted regarding the management of this site.


While this page is the homepage for environment.data.gov.au, the main function of this site is not web page content delivery but persistent identification management for Linked Data datasets stored at locations within subsections of environment.data.gov.au according to the AGLDWG's URI guidelines.

Namespaces and Subregisters

environment.data.gov.au contains a series of subregisters within which are located definitional vocabularies and ontologies for use by the environment.data.gov.au community. Table 1 below lists the various subregisters and their functions.

Table 1: Subregisters of environment.data.gov.au and their functions
RegisterFunctionResponsible SystemStatusRecommended Home
/Domain proxy. Assigns registers to subsystemsPID ServiceOperational/
/public/Web root for documentation and other non-semantic web contentBasic web server (Tomcat)Operational
(this page)
perhaps change to something more allineged with sem web terminology
/def/Top-level definitional registerLinked Data Register
(customised by CSIRO and on GitHub)
Not yet operational/def
/def/opObservable Properties OntologyHTML and Turtle documentsOperational/def/op
/def/dpnData PRovider Node OntologyHTML and Turtle documentsOperational/def/dpn
/water/id/{FEATURE_CLASS_NAME}Geofabric features (HY_Features)SISSVoc at http://sirf.csiro.au/sissvocOperational
Some links incomplete
/water/quality/def/opWater Quality Ontology-Deprecated by OPremove
/def/(feature|object|property |quantity-kind|unit)OP Vocabulary-Operational/def/op/{...}
/id/geo/{*}NEII geospatial objectsPID Svc (eReefs.info)Broken needs re-implementing/id/geo/

AGIFT-based data.gov.au Subdomains

The top-level subdomains of data.gov.au (i.e. xxx.data.gov.au) reserved for URI minting are based on the Australian Governments' Interactive Functions Thesaurus (AGIFT) (see the National Archive's web page).

The 25 top-level AGIFT terms are: